I am Audrey Fretz, the lady behind the lens. My philosophies in life include things like "Less is more" and "Do all things with kindness."

I am an IFNJ Myers-Briggs personality type, which means I am an introvert who is goal-oriented, fiercely independent, private, and extremely loyal to the people I love.  I am a true businesswoman through and through, and some of my first ventures began on the playground.

I have been a photographer for over six years, and founded Park Street Photography in April of 2016, named after the street where my fiance grew up, and where we rented our first apartment together in the neighborhood of Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I love photography as a way to express the complexity of our thoughts and feelings, and as a way of communicating the way we see the world to others.

I am drawn to smart, confident people who are driven by purpose, and people who strive to show compassion and kindness to all living things. I have found these types of people tend to create beauty wherever they go, and lift others up with the light they carry.

I would love to connect with you. Please reach out to me in my contact form here.