A Beautiful Mess

This is not a picture of a mess, but I took this picture at a time when I was trying to remind myself that model-home status is not the norm. I have two cats, and there is a fine layer of cat hair and dust on everything at any given moment, and takes minutes to settle again once attempts are made to clean it up. Sometimes I feel like my home life is a never ending string of to-do lists and tasks to keep up, and I'd like to snap out of it and just live in it sometimes. I get tired of being so critical all of the time, which is the driving force of a lot of what I do on a day to day basis. I have the tendency to fixate on what could be better instead of seeing my home for what it is- years of careful collecting, editing, and loving moments.

This is a reminder to exercise gratitude, and to use positive reinforcement to get things done. I feel so much happier when I'm appreciating my things in such a way that I am cleaning them to let their beauty shine, rather than scrubbing and sweeping and wiping to control them.

Here's to beautiful messes everywhere. 

Audrey FretzComment